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Iva takes away repetitive work through automation

Through templates, Iva can generate documents with your data. Instead of manually creating a new document and updating some sections, Iva can use your input to fill those sections. Iva has read a special set of instructions written as {{=first_name}} and fills it up with the first name from your data sample.

Your data

Whether it is in an Excel sheet or another app, Iva can connect to it.

Your template

Prepare your document template for Iva so she can combine it with your data.

Your document

Get your document delivered on your cloud storage of choice, via email, or directly to your customers.

A personalized tools for who you are


Generate Report cards, Certificates , etc., through integration with your students' data. Iva will deliver them to you or to your students.

Online Seller

Generate Orders and Receipts through integrating with forms. Iva will deliver the order to you and the receipt to your customers.


Generate Dynamic invoices with styled items. Iva can deliver them from your company's domain name.

Event Organizer

Generate invitations and certificates from the list of people who attend your events.

Sales Person

Generate contracts with the data relative to the clients and deliver them to your clients automatically.

HR Manager

Generate contracts, onboarding documents , etc., by integrating to your favorite HR tools.

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